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Residual Art How it began

The images to the left are pictures of my studio located in San Diego, California.  For 4 1/2 years I worked out of this studio and never noticed the paint that was accumilating on the walls and on the floor. One night as I was preparing to start 2 new paintings, for first time I became aware of all the paint collected on the walls and the floors. The canvasses were just the right size to make me aware of this accidental aha moment.  For me, it was quite a moment that started lead me down a path known as Residual Art. What that means is what is left over or another way to look at it is a painting that is aways in process. I started to paint paintings based what is left over or what remains. The images to the right side of this webpage are links to the actual paintings.  To the left are links to earlier works of art, including another project and contact information.

Playing Card Painting Series